The Ingenium Advantage

Ingenium Advantage 1We are Great Moderators

All members of our moderator team:
  • have moderated groups for at least 8 years and spent at least 6 months watching and assisting senior moderators conduct focus groups before conducting their first group.
  • have deep and rigorous training in qualitative research.
  • have strong educational backgrounds in psychology, sociology or anthropology.
  • are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Moderators with these credentials are better suited to identify both explicit and implicit insights; unveiling ethnographic behaviors and attitudes toward products and services.

We are a Qualitative Research Company

We conduct custom research, distilling and presenting results that address your specific project inquiries.

  • Ethnographic Interviews
  • Expert Interviews
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • In-Home Interviews
  • Shop Along Interviews

Ingenium Online Services

In 2012 Ingenium Research launched online services to conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews and bulletin boards among Hispanics of different acculturation levels and language preferences.

Online techniques are a great resource for the collection of insights in a fast and effective way avoiding traveling time and associated expenses.  Online has particular value in the gathering of advertising insights and concept testing.