Online Approach

Online ApproachMore and more of our research is effectively conducted online where clients can realize savings in terms of both time and dollars invested.  This environment is particularly relevant and valuable in the gathering of advertising insights and concept testing.

Ethnographic Interviews

We are professional observers.  We’ll learn and share all the details about use of your products/services wherever consumers usually experience them.

Bulletin Boards

We often leverage online bulletin boards to share or exchange messages with consumers.  Ingenium moderators will skillfully guide the online activity where participants have space to reflect and join in at their own pace.  Comments and images posted are often both fascinating and filled with rich insights to be leveraged in your strategy development and decision making process.

Shop Alongs

How do consumers shop your category? What drives and influences them at the point of purchase?  We know that what people set out to buy or look at first are often not what they ultimately choose.  The journey has twists and turns and we are skilled at pinpointing the triggers along the path to purchase.

In Depth Interviews

When it’s important to eliminate “group think” and gain initial, unbiased reactions, let Ingenium’s expert interviewers capture individual, in-depth opinions and preferences without participants being contaminated by group reactions.

Focus Groups

Our moderators are highly skilled and experienced in guiding discussions and managing group dynamics to maximize participation, highlight key differences in opinion, trigger ideation, and create the optimal space to view a wide variety of points of views and opinions.